Why I Refuse to Use Affiliate Links and Ads

When I decided to start this blog, I made a series of commitments to myself and to any readers I may have: no affiliate links, no advertisements, full disclosure, and honest opinions. I did this both because it felt like the only way that I could blog with integrity and also because I am concerned about the effects that affiliate links and advertising have on any source of information.

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Budgeting for Annual Expenses

We all have expenses that don’t fit neatly into a monthly budget — memberships, insurance bills, taxes, etc. How do you plan for these items? Here’s our budget & strategy.

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How I Screen for Top Dividend Stocks

There are lots of online screener applications and most brokerages also provide them, but none provide the historical dividend data essential to my strategy. So, I built my own screener using Google Sheets

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Why I’m Comfortable Counting on Social Security

By my estimates and what I could find in my research, I think the safe bet is to plan to receive social security benefits totaling about 60% of whatever the current payout formula promises.  Odds are I will get more, but this is a number I feel safe planning on.

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My Financial Philosophy

Like my investing strategy, my financial philosophy is a mix of my views on personal finance, my values, and what I know about my own tolerance for things like risk (fair) and debt (none).  Unlike my investing strategy, my financial philosophy is much more about what makes me happy, my emotions, and my personal relationship to money.

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